Invite back to Fix This Build That today I’m mosting likely to reveal you six various gifts that you can make for that special girl in your life.

I’m going to reveal you a very easy method a more challenging variation for every of these Jobs as well as scattering in a lot of ideas and also methods along the road and also some epoxy. So allow’s begin with this very easy wineglass caddy The Do It Yourself caddy is extremely straightforward you just require a little 1 by 4 to make it I started by grabbing a regular container of wine that my other half and I might drink However Boone’s Ranch was out of supply, yet this will do See to it your largest red wine glasses will certainly fit as well as for me that implied a 12 inch broad caddy.

I Cut the 1 by 4 to size. Then I returned to the bench to elegant it up a little bit I made marks 1/2 inch in from each side and also the caddy is gon na curve in from the center of the long side on each side To these marks an easy method to make a great regular contour is to use a steel ruler as a bow. I eyeballed the curve that I required and then I ran tape between both ends of the ruler as it was curved to hold that Curve in position.

It was a little too shallow So I took the tape off and also changed it to dial it in right where I required. I traced the contour of the ruler with a pencil to lay out my art Then I spun the 1 by 4 round as well as duplicated it for the opposite currently Jigsaw is a perfect DIY tool for reducing curves. I complied with the lines on each side and I had my form blank next I made marks for the openings that will hold the bottle and the glasses I Placed the glasses 1 in 3/4 of an inch in from completions and also focused the hole for the bottle Then I drilled a 1 as well as 1/4 inch opening in the center complied with by 3/4 inch holes for the white wine glasses I made use of a Forstner little bit here, yet a spade bit will function equally as well.

I Significant each end for some notch intermediaries to allow the red wine glasses slide in and also The notches flared out from 1/2 inch at the hole to 3/4 of an inch at the end of the caddy After the format I cut these lines with my jigsaw also. I Used a random orbital sander to smooth the wood creations outer sides of the caddy for the following action Now to round over the side of the edges I utilized my router I utilized a quarter inch roundover bit for the openings and also the notches Then I used an eighth of an inch roundover bit on the external edges And the smaller round over on the brink gives the caddy a lighter feel by the bigger aids hold the glasses much better And that’s it for construction from there.

I simply sanded everything smooth and after that I used some dark discolor with a dustcloth After the stain was completely dry. I used several coats of a satin lacquer to offer it a wonderful Shine and also some protection So in simply an hour so you can have a good little gift to pair with a bottle of white wine as well as some glasses for display screen or travel Now if you intend to obtain a bit fancier and have a few more tools than this red wine caddy can be upgraded As opposed to using select yearn and discolor you can make use of some nice hardwoods for color and appeal I have actually got some mahogany walnut and maple right here and also Utilizing my jointer as well as table saw I can get a flat side on each strip and afterwards rip them to dimension. I made the walnut in mahogany one inch thick in the maple accents one quarter inch thick as well as those accumulated to the three and a fifty percent inches similar to the one by for The boards can be glued up in any type of style you want so you can mix and also match as you please Simply some normal wood adhesive here in some clamps After the adhesive up is dry.

I sent it with the planer to flatten whatever out Then you’ve simply left this appealing blank as well as it’s a fair bit more refined than that DIY version And if you’re making one you might also make numerous of these since they’re so easy to make So the very first caddy can likewise be utilized as a design template for the other blanks now Utilizing a drill press and also a bandsaw make short work of piercing the openings and also making the profile on the catch But it did still reduce the notches with a jigsaw the clean cut blades that I use provide a much smoother coating than the bandsaw as well as they barely need any kind of sanding I applied two coats of maker brand names simple coating to pop the grain and also safeguard the caddy and it was looking great and also Hey, if you like what you’re seeing up until now and you haven’t already go ahead as well as obtain subscribed And also for the second project I’m making 2 versions of fashion jewelry owners for your special gals preferred arm bands necklaces in earrings The Do It Yourself version of the fashion jewelry owner.

We’ll begin with an additional 1 by 4 for the base I reduced the piece to 16 inches as well as I utilize my rounded ruler method to layout a comparable contour like the wine caddy. I Cut the curves once again with my jigsaw and afterwards I fined sand the sides level with a fining sand sponge the next I laid out some marks 2 inches in from each end and in the center of the board as well as no this isn’t a Magnum white wine caddy yet indeed, the construct is very comparable to this point and that may be a great concept instead of piercing with holes in the board I used a 1 inch Forstner little bit to pierce down about 3/8 of an inch on each mark. I state sideways as well as face And then I rounded over the edges with an eighth of an inch roundover bit to finish up the base for the precious jewelry owner the arms to hold the jewelry will be 5/16 inch dowels installed right into 1-inch dowels that will being in the openings that we just pierced and also this jig is gon na allow me pierce centered holes via those 1 inch dowels I pierced with this item of plywood with a 5/16 inch little bit ensuring I remained level backwards and forwards while the item of plywood was flat on my bench Now the plywood makes it very easy to inform if you’ve wandered or not by considering the plies Then I drew the line in between the access as well as leave holes as well as afterwards I just pierced a one inch opening fixated that line to complete the jig now the leading hole is a quarter inch from the face of the jig so I could place the 1 inch dowels flush into the Hole and pierce with the dowel as well as have a sinnard opening After making the facility hole on each one I made a mark one in 1/8 of an inch down and also I cut it to size on my miter saw as well as Does any person see my dowel? anybody? After checking out for a little as well long I went back to instantaneous replay and I saw that the dowel had obtained sucked up right into the vacuum cleaner So for the next one I partly blocked the dirt and afterwards cut my various other dowels to size as well as the dowels fit great in the base So I went on to the arms I reduced four items at 5 as well as 3/8 of an inch in two pieces at 7 and 3/8 of an inch You can vary these do your picking to fit your design.

I made a mark 3/8 of an inch know each dowel as a visual sign for how much I want to install it right into the 1 inch dowels Said it would have great port and also glue surface area To mount them. I place glue in the 1 inch dowels and inserted them right into that line that had just drawn I Readjusted all the dowels prior to spray-painting them gold for a brass appearance and also applying stain and also end up to the base before assembly While I’m finishing this one up, allow’s speak about today’s enroller distinct. You can obtain a free 30-day trial by going to Yet I can pop on a book and I can find out something brand-new or hear wonderful story while I’m fining sand or waiting for adhesive to dry Just recently, I have actually been listening to Sherlock Holmes as narrated by Stephen Fry It’s from the initial stories by Arthur Conan Doyle in this audio book is virtually 63 hours long which’s a great deal of fining sand as well as it’s just one credit Absolutely enjoy fries narration.

If you delight in mysteries and also crime books. I believe you’ll dig this set, too Distinct participants can pick one audiobook and also two distinct originals on a monthly basis And also you can get your free trial and also make your options by going to For the sophisticated variation of the fashion jewelry owner I cut a space of walnut to the same dimension as before Instead of making arcs on the sides. I intended to clean straight lines I made use of a tapering jig on my table saw as well as I referenced both points for the cut on the side of the jig I passed through the saw gave me the angle that I wanted as well as repeating this procedure offered me a good angular base.

I Made use of the offcut of the base to make the owner for the brass arms that I’ll be mounting It’ll have a slim account going from 3/8 of an inch on completions to 3/4 of an inch in the middle After the base parts were cut. I cleansed them up with a fining sand block and also broke all the edges The brass rods I’m using are 1/4 inch. So I laid out in drilled openings via the side of the small strip to fit them One hole was centered on the strip and also the others were 4 inches apart on either side of it. I evaluate fit the brass bars and they entered really great and snug so I was ready to glue down the strip To obtain the strip fixated the board I determined in 2 inches from each end as well as I put a strip of tape there as a guide then I marked the facility of the base upon the tape as well as I placed a tiny mark on the facility of each end of the strip I applied an extremely slim quantity of adhesive right here to ensure that I wouldn’t have to deal with any type of squeeze out which can truly be hard and also Ruin your surface.

Then I aligned the parts on the marks that I have actually made as well as having the bars set up right here Offer it a bit a lot more weight as well as just made it a little easier to place And also before securing it down I examined this strip for square and after that I secured it in place to completely dry While it was drying I reduced 2 of the brass bars to size the ones I acquired come in 14-inch bars Which I’ll connect to below in addition to the other items that I’m using today But I reduced the leading as well as lower bars to 10 as well as a half inches for that diamond appearance Oh and also do not reduce these on the miter saw unless you have a metal cutting blade.

Simply trust me on that one. I Applied 2 layers of manufacturer brand names simple finish to stand out the grain as well as it was looking wonderful. I Finished the holder off with some keyhole ports on the back for mounting this job looked sharp And it makes a fantastic spot to maintain her favorite jewelry easily obtainable and on display The last present concept we’ll be making is a set of short cuy boards The first one once again will certainly come from one by fours, but I’m updating to poplar from want I had some offcut of poplar without mistreated before I relocated them around until I got the combination that I wanted However you might obtain this entire project from one six-foot poplar board simply by sufficing up into sizes.

I Cut two of the boards to 17 inches as well as one to 22 inches a poplar can have environment-friendly purple or dark touches in it So use those to your advantage in your style I utilize the environment-friendly in the take care of for this And also really those greens will transform a great sugar shade over a couple of months as its subjected to light. I Glued up the three boards using a water resistant glue and simply enough to offer me a little squeeze out Now after thirty minutes, I returned and also I removed that eject simply to make sanding a bit quicker When the board was completely dry took it out the clamps and I sanded it level using sixty as well as eighty grit sandpaper on my sander And with a level surface I might reduce the base square with my round saw and also format for the deal with. I Utilized 2 two inch can as a guide as well as some marks to make the manages rather more balanced Then I attracted the form by hand and also quit utilizing my jigsaw. I Clean up all the rough sides and smooth my lines out After that I pierced a 3/4 of an inch hole in the take care of for hanging it now ultimately I ended up the shaping by rounding over all the edges with a quarter inch roundover little bit for a nice smooth.

Look Celebrity board obtained sanded as much as 220 grit and then I applied beeswax as well as an oil mix to seal the board It’s a terrific energy serving board that you can make promptly with just a little bit of material Currently for the final task, I wished to try some brand-new points for a sophisticated meat and cheese board. That’s ideal We’re going full charcuterie here or as we like to claim in the south charcuterie a Fred past me a slim. Jim off that after that their fancy charcuterie board. I Started with a little slab of walnut and I ran it with my planer to expose some incredible grain Yet the sides were gon na be a little as well thin and rather than losing the density to obtain the entire board level I just cut them off on the bandsaw.

I Cut the base square and after that I freehand drew a natural shape for the take care of which appears to be stylishly nowadays Next I returned with a jigsaw as well as eliminate my shape once again The jigsaw leaves a finer surface than my bandsaw which suggests less job and also sanding in the end. I state to the rough sides and after that I drilled an opening in the handle just like prior to however this time I attempted to lengthen the hole a little to maintain it that organic feeling I Round it over the sides with a quarter inch roundover little bit And afterwards I gave every little thing a really good hand fining sand to eliminate any extreme lines.

I fined sand right up to 220 Currently you can quit right here as well as you could have a wonderful shortcut reboard, yet I wished to go an action even more My spouse has actually wanted these resin sea items and also this board is so long I assumed it would be an ideal possibility to try it Now, allow me just say I’m a complete noob at this I didn’t have the most effective hardener handy for this situation, yet I wished to attempt it anyway The secret for me was doing some test pieces first to obtain the feel for it and it assists that my close friend Jess from Crow Creek Styles is an amazing epoxy resin artist after a half hr on a video conversation with her I made some adjustments as well as I prepared to tackle my pour And Jessa in fact has a program that she’s introducing on how to do these properly I have a link in the summary that you can go inspect it out.

I taped off the bottom of the board and afterwards I mixed 5 little mugs of resin I’m utilizing this fast hardener right here, but a much less aggressive hardener will certainly make your life a great deal easier To color the epoxy I utilized acrylic paint and also I included some metal pigment for a cool. Look I Did a navy blue and then to lighter tones of blue as well as a white I? Poured Lee epoxy on in a slope and then I blended it together a bit as well as moved it around by tilting the board Then I used some warmth to it So it would certainly relocate a little far better and also ensured I had insurance coverage over those sides currently You’ll notice I utilized 2 cups of navy blue which’s just since I’m using the quick hardener and when I put 2 cups worth In one cup, the exothermic reaction just goes nuts and it actually thawed the cup once again Don’t make use of quick hardener. I would certainly suggest the sluggish hardener as well as some perseverance And also when I would certainly covered the edges I set some white for the seafoam laundry And also I use the heat gun to blow it back into heaven currently This is what considers that trendy foamy wave look and you’re just trying to get some separation there After that I added another strip of white as well as I blew that into the coast for the look of a crashing wave from there I just kind of tampered it till it looked exactly how I desired But you don’t want to confess with it excessive because it’ll just start getting muddled up If you do it too much I make use of the heat weapon to pop several of the bubbles and I was great to go.

I eliminated the tape before the epoxy hardened and afterwards I used oil as well as wax to the board to seal the wood Currently this epoxy is not food safe. So maintain your fine meats and also cheeses on the wood and not the epoxy Now for my first time I’m rather satisfied with exactly how this ended up. There’s some bubbles and also things it’s no place near best However with some persistence or a program like Jess’s you can obtain some truly great outcomes rather quick Hey Fred, where’s that slim? Jim, if you wish to check out a few other home design tasks as well as present ideas You can examine them out right there.

Get out there and build something awesome.